It has taken me a long time to get to admit this to myself, but I am a multidisciplinary artist that explores through storytelling and the learning process. In the past, my work has manifested through food, photography, video, embroidery, clay, fabric, paint and wood. Recently, I have been embedding all of my creations with long-form stories that capture my emotions and thoughts at the time of creation. This website houses a few of my ways of seeing the world and how that manifests.

My name is
Ramon SHitta

I was born in the US and I grew up in Nigeria. Most of my work as an artist began after my chronic illness became a central part of my life. At that time I had to put to rest my identity as a Chef after 5 years of focused work. It took 2 years of internal turbulence and a lot of sleep, yoga and self-love but in the end, I have emerged as an artist. I am constantly exploring and finding new ways of expression that fit how I feel.


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Feel free to follow my creative process on instagram @ramonshitta.

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